Thursday, May 26, 2011

Put down that bud and pick up a Craft Beer!

Why is American Beer like having sex in a canoe?

. . .

It's f*king close to water!

Thankfully this joke isn't quite as true anymore. By 2011 we're up to over 1760 breweries (that's back to 1900 numbers) and all but 20 are craft breweries. Still craft beer is only 5% of all sales in the US. Now if you're one of those sorry ostriches sticking your neck down a bottle of bud - what the heck?! There are a million much tastier local brews you could be drinking.

But if you're a good beer fan or beer-curious here's your week.

Boston Beer Week: a week for celebrating craft beer from inside 495 and beyond. All week there is plenty of opportunity to take part in free tastings at your local liquor store or meet-the-brewer events at bars.

I've put the freest most fun events on my calendar, but you might want to head over to Beer Advocate to check out the full schedule. In general it's a good place to always check out. They keep tabs on all the beer events around the country, so say you're doing a summer trip to Denver. Check out what's happening the week you're there.

As for myself, I'll be heading out of town to Hill Farmstead Brewery for their first anniversary party in Vermont, which will include camping in a field on-site, two bands, a farmer's market, and twenty beers on tap.


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