Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Cultured Weekend

There's enough events to feast your mind, body and soul this weekend. Movies, yup, got those. Free booze - sure thing! Lectues on the science of hear? Of course! You asked for a bike ride in your finest tweed? You got it! Accapella contests, story slams, food trucks?

Well, maybe you didn't ask for all of this, but if you have a passion, it's almost guaranteed that there's something for you. Full calendar at the bottom of the page. Here's the highlights:

Friday 7 PM
So apparently the 'West End' of Boston is a neighborhood and it has a museum. And for some reason, they show films that seem to have nothing to do with Boston. At least they're awesome films and they're free. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly has got to be the best spaghetti western ever. (Next week's the Bicycle Thief too!)

Saturday 7PM Sunday 10 AM
The annual Boston Bike Film Fest isn't free, but it's cheap and for a good cause. If you buy your ticket ahead of time, you also get to go on a bike tour of places where movies were filmed in Boston. (I'll be there for free, courtesy of the Weekly Dig - thanks guys!)

The Tweed Ride is free, or at least bring your own picnic. This year's ride starts at the Frog Pond and rolls down to Jamaica Plain. Come dressed in your tweed best.

Friday - Sunday

Another neighborhood that took charge and just decided to give themselves a name - Fort Point. It's the area on the Boston waterfront behind the Children's Museum. Reminiscent of SoHo, but less claustrophobic, the place is filled with old warehouses that are now unaffordable designer shops and lofts. But it makes a great neighborhood for Open Studios - 150 of them, with lots of free wine and food, as you would expect at a good art show.

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