Friday, November 11, 2011

Traveling your own backyard

It's been a while, I know. Thing is, I've been traveling other folks' backyards. Being in a new place always gives me that sense of excitement. Even if it's doing something mundane like riding a different subway or going to the grocery store.

I like to try and capture that sense of excitement while I'm home as much as I can. A while back, over on my personal blog I wrote about my top ten ways to travel in your own backyard. Check it out. It's the perfect time to try some of these tips out while it's still nice out. Heck, since the leaves all changed this week, Boston seems like a whole new city without even trying.

Also, given that 50 degrees is nice, but not sunbathing weather, let me replace tip #1 with this one.

#1 Get on a Bike

When you ride the T you miss all the stuff in between. Get on a bike (your own, or a Hubway) and go somewhere you haven't been. Going ten miles and hour, you can explore so many more places in a day than walking - and all the places on your way there.

I recommend the Esplanade at night. Or Fan Pier and Castle Island on a sunny Saturday. A trip to the South End SoWa Market on Sunday is delightful. Where are you headed this weekend?

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