Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Christmas Events and a Soccer Match

While it gets darker and darker earlier and earlier, at least you can light up the night with these events. And just to throw a curveball, one really good looking soccer watching party this weekend.

Thursday 6-9 PM

Beacon Hill already has that quite perfect colonial Christmas feel. Combine that with Victorian carolers, brass bands, buggy rides and you've got quite a holiday feast. Shops will be luring you in with free drinks and food. So just go straight here from the office for a free dinner.

Thursday 6-7 PM

Now that the highway is gone, there's been tons of great public art going on on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. (Anyone catch the hammock?) Now they're unveiling Ice Chimes which apparently will make rain and snow stick to it, forming icicles. As icicles grow, they will cause the chimes to sound. Interesting, but have any icicles formed yet? Websites say there's a reception and a nightcap at Vintage Lounge afterwards. While the art is free, I have a feeling the nightcap is not.

Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona
Saturday 3:30-6PM

Hey soccer fans out there! Twice a year Madrid plays Barcelona and this is nothing true football fans want to miss - El Clasico. Join the MIT Spanish Club to watch the game at the Thirsty Ear Pub on the MIT campus. Looks open to us regular folk. Free treats like Jamon serrano and queso. Buy your own drinks, unless there are some happy drunk FC Barcelona fans that you can get to buy you a round when they win.

As always, these events and more on the Beantown on the Cheap Calendar, just scroll to the bottom of the site.

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