Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Show Goes On - for 1/2 price!

Boston's theater district doesn't shine as brightly as Times Square. But then again, most New Yorkers avoid that crazy, tourist filled, commercialized area like the plague. In Boston we have all the great touring shows coming through, excellent opera companies, home-grown experimental theater and yes, even world premieres. And that's without all the traffic and blinding lights.

Tickets don't come cheap. Well, unless you know where the deals are.

Goldstar has the best prices for shows the night-of and in advance. Typically tickets are 50% of the regular price. And every once in a while, tickets are free. That's right, pay a small service charge and snag free tickets.

BoxTix is the TKTS booth of Boston. They have a better selection of tickets and you can even buy them in person at Copley or Faneuil Hall. The service charges can be as high as $7.50, which usually make them not as good a deal as Goldstar.

Student Tickets

Do you still have your student ID? (I lost mine about a year ago - curses!) A.R.T offers day-of rush tickets for the kids for only $15. The Boston Symphony Orchestra gives out $8 student tickets the day of performances. Broadway in Boston, the folks behind the touring shows that come to the Opera House, Wilbur Theater and other places, sells limited numbers of rush tickets for $25, cash-only, 1 per person. The Boston Ballet is even in on the rush action with $20 day of tickets too.


Ok, you're not a student anymore or are too embarrassed to try to pass for one. Many theaters will exchange you tickets for some of your labor. Call and email theaters individually to get on ushering lists. Email the Footlight Theater in JP, the country's oldest community theater that does some excellent shows. Blue Man Group is a wild time and depending on what seats are open that night, you might score front row tickets. Just call 617-426-6912. Be forewarned, though, you will have to clean up a crap-load of toilet paper in the theater after the show.

Do you have tips for seeing shows for free? Please share! As always, full calendar of events at the bottom of the page over at

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