Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Morning!

Wipe those sleepies out of your eyes. Do a big stretch. And get ready to . . .

Wake Up The Earth! Yes, that's right. Today is the hippie-tastic festival of the year. It's origins are celebrating local activists' work in 1979 to stop a massive highway from cutting through the neighborhood. I don't know about you, but I sure prefer our beautiful Southwest Corridor and orange line to a highway.

Today the festival is full of great ethnic food, half a dozen stages showing everything from Japanese drumming to jazz to circus acts and loads of dancing. Everyone looks like they had a 5 year-old dress them that morning and the vibe is positively groovy. The parade gets started at 11am and festivities go until about 6pm right outside Stony Brook T stop.

Think groovy is over? There's plenty more to do this weekend. Festival and fee stuff season is just getting started.

Lilac Sunday is held on Mothers' Day. It's when hundreds of mothers with their kids flock to the Harvard Arboretum and have their pictures taken with flowers. Looking past this, the flowering trees are actually quite spectacular and smell gorgeous.

Free Comic Book Day proves that indeed, the best things in life are free. Stop by a participating store to revel in geekdom and get a free comic book.

Free Southern Food with Expensive Hats Did you know today is the Kentucky Derby? (I wouldn't have except for a story on
NPR.) Really for us Northerners, this is an excuse to drink mint juleps, eat hush puppies and wear seersucker. Woodwards will be showing the Derby and serving up free apps in honor of the race. Goorin Brothers will be there selling hats. Drinks are on you.

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