Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Museum Deals

When abroad, I usually minimize my museum time to the highlights - being in another country and spending hours inside and away from locals isn't the best way to get immersed in a culture.

But when I'm at home - I love museums. I worked at the Liberty Science Center one summer in college. Halfway into the summer I found out about the free entry to museums for other museum employees policy. If you have a museum employee ID, all you have to do is flash that thing at any institution and you're in.

I went to the Museum of Natural History just about every Sunday for an hour (much easier to digest) and spent other days searching out every strange museum in New York. (I highly recommend the Isami Naguchi Museum and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.)

There's one thing I don't love though: high admission fees. Here's ways to see Boston art and science for cheap or free.

The Boston Public Library gives out free or discounted tickets to about a dozen local museums. Several libraries are given two tickets for each day of the month. Fridays and Saturdays go fast, so best to go a month early, or call the library first. Other tickets are literally plastic passes that you need to pick up and return the next day.

The best deals are the Museum of Fine Arts ($7 instead of $18 normal price) and the Museum of Science (free instead of 21).

MIT Museum Nights
My personal favorite Boston museum offers free nights the second Friday of every month 5-8pm.

ICA Free Night
5-9pm every Thursday is free and during the summer there's free entertainment too. At 7pm there's also free tours. Why ever pay for stuff at this place?

Free Movie Day at the Science Museum
All this month the Museum of Science has given away tickets to IMax movies on Fridays. Stay tuned, because they're likely to do it again throughout the year.

Free Time at the Harvard Museum
Massachusetts residents get in free every Sunday 9am-12pm. September-May Wednesdays 3-5pm are free too.

Is your name Isabella? If it is, it's free admission every day. The rest of us get in free on New Year's Day and our birthday.

Free every Wednesday 4-9:45pm.

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