Sunday, June 26, 2011

Walk-in Movie Theaters

Boston's parks and playgrounds turn into movie theaters all summer. Just about every night you can find someplace with a free film playing. It's always cool to just show up on a whim, but even better to pack yourself a picnic, have a blanket in tow and stow away some beers.

Catch your free flicks this summer at these places. Make sure to check the calendar at the bottom of the page for full listings. Movies typically start at sundown.

Somerville Thursday
Movie for the masses shown at a different Somerville Park every week. Hankering for some Karate Kid or Twilight Saga? It's hard to tell who picked this series of strangely diverse blockbusters.

Some weeks it's live music or Shakespeare and some movies. Really all I have to do is walk a block away, so it's all good to me. Plus, Toy Story 3 has been on my list for a while. Wonder if brown-bagging is acceptable in JP . . .
The classiest movies of the bunch. The Boston Harbor Hotel shows mostly classic films like An Affair to Remember outside on the waterfront.

You can't beat the great Charles-Riverfront setting of the Hatch Shell. The movie selection is excellent (despite the showing of Daddy Daycare for Father's Day we biked by last week). It's mostly kids movies made with adults in mind - things like Despicable ME and Tangled.

The Pru Saturday
Well, gosh, you have about zero excuses not to see Toy Story 3, cause here's another free outdoor showing. Also, they've got Gnomeo & Juliet which got a great review on NPR's Fresh Air.

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