Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Icecream and bicycles

Go figure, Free Cone Day and the Hubway Bicycle launch happen on a really cold April day. Though the weather might not be totally conducive to eating frozen treats and cycling around, these events come but once a year.

Today! 12-8pm! Expect a line. There are a few shops in Boston, the most central being at 174 Newbury Street. Ignore the Park Plaza listing: that's now an Emack and Bolio's.

You don't have a bike yet for some reason. Shell out the measly $50 and get yourself a membership to Hubway! Then get on down to the plaza in front of the Copley Square plaza at 12pm. There'll be free Boloco burritos until 12:30 and Mumbles will do a speech. If you ride to the event on a Hubway and check in with staff, your fees are waived for the day. (Cool, huh?)

No excuses to go hungry today . . .

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