Friday, March 30, 2012

Lights, Camera, Movie Deals!

Recently I let you know about how to see live theater on the cheap and last year it was how to score museum deals. But sometimes it's just one of those nights for dinner and a movie, ya know? Here's some upcoming free and cheap movies. It's also always a great idea to subscribe to DealsGoRound and YipIt (the names are really getting ridiculous for these coupon sites, no?) - deal aggregation sites. AMC and Fandango frequently come up as deals various sites all the time.

Go early to get your tickets, because these go fast. Every once in a while there's a whole month of free IMAX movies at the museum - so go ahead and learn about Adrenaline or the Deep Sea. It's really more fun than nerdy.

Sponsored by 'e', the Wild and Scenic Festival is free. The movies, well, they're $5, but that's less than AMC for sure. Word has it Captain Planet will be in attendance. Do kids these days still know who he is? If so, that's pretty awesome.

I thought there were a lot of articles in the New Yorker exposing these jerks behind the Tea Party and every other kind of libertarian-nut case cause, but I bet seeing them in action will make you even more mad at these moguls funding the right wing.

This new Co-op bookstore on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain hosts showings of radical films every Wednesday to school you on the numerous causes you should care about. (Boy, didn't mean to turn this post into a liberal-enviro one, but hey, it's Boston.)

As always, all this and more over on the Beantown On the Cheap Calendar. See you out there!

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