Monday, August 1, 2011

Fiesta, Festa, พรรค

When August rolls around I don't know about you, but I feel I've got to milk this last month of summer for all it's got. My personal calendar is filled with parties - and so is the Beantown on the Cheap calendar!

Hungry Tiger Street Festival Saturday 7-10PM Union Square

This one looks fantastic. Union Square in Somerville will be done up like a night market of the far east. (I'm thinking Chinese lanterns and firecrackers?) Restaurants from Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and more will be representing. Performances. Cooking demos. I'm in.

August Moon Festival Next Sunday (14th) 9AM-7PM Chinatown

Chinatown's festivals are pretty generic, but cute. There's a stage where they bring out all the kids to do some frickin' cute Chinese dances. The lion dance will strangely captivate you. My favorite is the karate kids that come and demonstrate how they will kick your ass. Not much street food here, but you're in Chinatown, just hop in somewhere for a bite of authentic grub.

Italian Saint Festivals Just about every weekend, all weekend

There are a ton of Saints and just about every one has a birthday, which means they get a party. My favorite is the Saint Anthony's Feast, but really they're all great. Greasy DJ's, lots of cheap cannolis and pizza, crowds of fat grandma's and the parading of the Saint's idol. Go ahead, get down there and buy yourself a F***ing Cannoli!

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